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Our New York and NJ Teams Are the Best Out There (And Work for You)

One of the reasons that makes our customers come back to us over and over is that they know they will be treated professionally and courteously by our customer service teams. Our folks are the top teams in the business, they know their product lines inside and out, and they know how to make the right recommendations on windows, blinds, and shades. It’s possible for customers to come to us with no idea as to what they might even be looking for, and it’s not uncommon for our employees to walk them through their wants and needs.

Our team members are what make the difference, and they treat our NJ and NY customers with the utmost respect and courtesy. They are skilled designers, for example, and are able to help customers make decisions on which options might look the best in their own space based off of information like room size, window shape, or light allowance. Many customers come into transactions without being sure of these types of decisions, and our team can help make their lives a little bit easier. Give us a call today at 646-971-1722, and see the Motorized Custom Blinds advantage.

Our staff is also our greatest strength because we never consider their training and learning to be completely finished. Of course we train them on any and all parts of window blind and shade selection and installation, but it doesn’t stop there. We run regular training sessions that keep our salespeople and installation teams abreast of the latest developments in both blinds products as well as installing techniques.

You can rest assured knowing that every employee of Motorized Custom Blinds who you speak with is uniquely qualified to answer every question that you have. From knowing what kind of sealant you’d want to use on a skylight to knowing what type of new window might like good in that new “man cave” you’re just putting in to your home, our employees can guide you every step of the way. Give us a call today, and Motorized Custom Blinds will help you tackle that next project.

Knowing and managing the massive inventory of an operation like the one we have at Motorized Custom Blinds sounds like it would be a massive challenge. Our salespeople meet this challenge head-on every day - from our offices and stores in NJ to New York and NYC, they are in the know about what we have on stock, what we’re planning on having in stock, and how those pieces can be of use to you on your next project.

If you don’t know the difference between a casement window and a bay window, or between a roller shade and a cellular shade, our sales team can help you figure out the best decision for your project. They can advise on issues like light allowance into a room, and might be able to recommend something like a sheer shade, which allows light in while still offering you a bit of much-needed privacy, especially in a tight city like NYC! Feel free to call us anytime - our salespeople are standing by ready to speak with you about how they can be of service on your home or office’s blinds project.

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