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NY and NJ Customers Love the Choices with Motorized Custom Blinds

The thing about us, with the exception of our incredible staff, that keeps people coming back to us year after year and recommending us to their friends and neighbors, is our wide selection of windows and blinds inventory. Utilizing our free consultations, many of our customers are informed of options that they never knew existed, and make an even better choice than they ever could have hoped for.

Using the customer’s preferences on things like cost, light allowance, and ease of operation, our customer service team can provide our New York and NJ customers with a wide range of choices. Think you might like a little bit of light to still get in, even when the windows are closed? Sheers might be the choice for you, and we can help you motorize them as well for ease of operation. The list of criteria like this goes on and on, and our sales team will help you navigate all of these choices to make to ensure that your next project is your best one yet. Call us today, and find out the Motorized Custom Blinds difference for yourself.

One of our biggest requests is from customers who work and live in NYC. They want to know if projects like window replacement, construction, and blind installation are even possible in the tight streets and tighter building codes of the Big Apple. Rest assured, Motorized Custom Blinds has the chops and the experience to make these projects a reality.

We have years of experience on Manhattan and the other boroughs, and we know what it takes to create a dream blinds job that you’ll love forever, even in the city. We’ve worked on Park Slope brownstones and Alphabet City apartments, and everything in between, and we can work for you too. We know that light is precious in the city, but so is privacy, and can advise you on the blinds selections that might allow you a little bit of both. Your piece of this wonderful global city could be made all the more comfortable by utilizing the diverse and extensive NYC experience that we here at Motorized Custom Blinds have. Call us anytime at 646-971-1722 to set up a consultation, and we can start the process.

New York building codes can be difficult to navigate - the restrictions, the allowances, etc. - it can all add up to a headache for a DIYer. Let us take that headache off of your plate by using our diverse experiences of these regulations. We can put plans into place for your home or office that both ensure its beautification while also making certain that your project is staying within the parameters set by New York, NJ, and NYC. We have handled them all, and we can do the same for you. We are the windows and blinds source in the area, and we have worked hard to attain that reputation. We’d like to build on it by serving you too. Call us today, and let the Motorized Custom Blinds tackle your windows and curtain challenges.

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