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NJ Customers Love to Shop With Our Team at Motorized Custom Blinds

If you’re looking for new blinds or shades for your home or office, you have come to the right place. We are the industry leaders in New York in general and NYC in particular for the sale and installation of custom and stock blinds and shades, and we’d love to work with you too. We can perform any number of custom jobs for any types of windows, no matter the size or shape. We’ve worked with shades and blinds on small attic windows, large bay windows, skylights, and everything in between. Our skilled craftsmen know what it takes to keep our New York and NJ customers happy, and can handle anything that is thrown at them.

Additionally, motorized blinds are the wave of the future, and can add a whole new level of convenience and ease to your life. We can add this option to any blind, and with the touch of a finger, your new shade can tilt, open, or close, all with seamless transitions. Once you’ve started with motorized blinds, you’ll wait to update the shades on every window in the house - and we can help you with that. Give us a call at 646-971-1722 and talk to our experienced customer service professionals about how we can help you out with your new window design.

Our prices are the lowest in the business, and it’s something we’re proud of. Many of our NYC customers wonder how we can keep these numbers so low, and it really is quite simple: our economy of scale means we can charge the lowest prices in New York. Thanks to our ability to negotiate large amounts of inventory directly with suppliers, we take on so much inventory that they charge wholesale prices, which provides savings that we can immediately pass on to our customers. We are happy to give this level of service and value to our NJ customers, and our products work right for you. Our showrooms are chockful of items that you need to modify or update your home or business’s windows, and we also have the installers who can make sure they’re properly put into place. Give our team a call today, and let’s see what your next blinds and shades can look like.

Our customer service team is the best in the business, and our customers across New York and New Jersey agree that our folks can get you the shades and windows that you need. Motorized window blinds might not be known by many of our customers, but they are a great fit for elderly customers or any customer with windows in hard to reach places. You can even operate these products with a remote control, allowing you to dictate light and airflow from across the room without ever having to get up from your seat. Have a cool drink in your hand and alter how your beautiful new rooms handle air and light. The possibilities are endless, and we’d love to talk more about your options today, so give us a call at any time.

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